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TeamCity Cloud umożliwia uruchamianie kompilacji na agentach kompilacji dostarczonych przez JetBrains lub łączenie agentów kompilacji 
z własnej sieci. Mieszaj i dopasowuj różne opcje, aby uzyskać najbardziej wydajną konfigurację.

TeamCity Cloud Features

  • Built to meet the needs of today’s software teams, TeamCity Cloud applies all of JetBrains’ hard earned knowledge about the best development practices to continuous integration. Whether you use Maven, Ant, Gradle, MSBuild, or other tools, TeamCity understands how your project is built and lets you set up CI/CD with ease.
  • Managed by JetBrains - Eliminate the pain of installing and maintaining physical servers. TeamCity Cloud supports the latest build tools and test frameworks, and it includes all the latest security updates.
  • VCS integration - Gives you everything you need to set up CI/CD for your entire company. It supports Git, Perforce, Mercurial, and other version control systems out of the box - no plugins required - and can build projects that have source code distributed across multiple repositories of different types. When your build finishes, TeamCity Cloud can automatically report the build status to an external system. Supported services include GitHub, Gitlab, Azure DevOps, Bitbucket Cloud, JetBrains Space, and more.
  • Test intelligence - TeamCity Cloud integrates with the tools you use in your delivery pipelines, and it keeps track of every single test it runs. Tests that are unstable with the same code are flagged as flaky and are reported. If there is a failure in your pipeline, TeamCity can suggest the exact commit that probably caused it. You can see the history of every single test, analyze the trends, track how your code quality changes over time, and much more.
  • Built-in artifact storage - Comes with built-in artifact storage that makes working with build artifacts easier than ever. You can download files produced by your builds using the UI, or fetch them via the TeamCity API. You can instantly run a deployment pipeline, or revert to any version you want - without having to rely on any external storage.
  • RESTful API - Virtually every TeamCity feature is available via a RESTful API, which allows you to integrate it with your applications or interact with it using scripts. Create projects. Run builds. Download test results.
  • Flexible pricing and configuration - Provides build agents that can be used out of the box without any additional setup, and it offers a wide variety of configurations and operating systems.
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